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Lee and Limbo: Friends Come and Go, but Life Continues and Gets Better

 Author: Uzoma (Uzo) Rita Ezekwudo  Category: Children, Family, Illustrated, Pet Loss & Bereavement  Publisher: Indie  : December 10, 2020  Language: English

Animals, like human beings, experience deep emotional bonds, too.


Lee and Limbo is a story of genuine friendship and love between two cats in Chapel Hill, a beautiful, small University town in North Carolina where love abounds. When Lee suddenly left, Limbo became sad and depressed. It was heartbreaking watching her deteriorated over the years.


Just when Limbo was on the brink of despair, a miracle happened!

A heartfelt tribute to friendship, loss, resilience, hope, and joy that come when they’re needed most. “Friends come and go, but life continues and gets better.” Appreciate your old friends; make and enjoy the new ones.


Lee and Limbo is a well-illustrated, vibrant picture book with music for kids three and up.

It’s about having fun while learning valuable life lessons about: love, friendship, relationship, disappointment, loss of a loved one, a pet, growing up, school life, anxiety, sadness, depression, moving on with life, facing life challenges, and trouble socializing.


The story is a heartwarming way to look at loss with gratitude and hope instead of heartbreak, great for a bedtime story.


Illustrations are bright, lively, and emotionally expressive. The book is a BOWL OF JOY for family, school, community, and youth entertainment.


Children may learn to sing, read music notes, and play musical instruments.


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