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In memory of my best friend, Shea the Boston terrier, by Jocelyn Taub

In May 2022 I was faced with the reality that my beloved companion Shea was dying, and the only humane choice I had was to put her to sleep. It will forever be one of the most agonizing and painful experiences of my life.

Shea was the one being that I could count on through thick and thin. She was my best friend and my greatest companion. Shea gave me the greatest gift that anyone can ever receive – unconditional love. No matter what the day would bring or if I came home feeling as if the world had beaten me up, there was Shea rushing to greet me, kiss me, and jumping around with crazy excitement at my arrival. The love and companionship that I got from Shea were the greatest gifts I have ever received.

Shea was the coolest. When she was young, we would go to puppy playgroups as well as Boston Terrier meetups. Shea had so many friends and loved going to the dog park.

Shea and I did everything together. She constantly made me laugh and had a wonderful disposition. She barely barked, she wouldn’t run away when off the leash and she loved to play.

One of Shea’s favorite things to do was lay in the warm laundry once it came out of the dryer.

Shea couldn’t care less about chasing balls, but she LOVED squeaky toys and pulling the stuffing out of them. She also enjoyed a good bully stick.

Shea enjoyed going on trips and drove with me from New York to Charleston and to Cape May during the pandemic.

While the pandemic was horrible, one of the benefits was getting to spend so much time with Shea as my work shut down for 15 months. She truly got me through the COVID crisis.

I will always remember Shea and love her forever. I know that she is in in doggy heaven cheering on her (my) favorite teams; Arsenal and the New York Mets and being the cool dog that she is.


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