My sweet Ziggy boy, by KC Charbonneau

My happy life came later than most people. It was not until 1998 when I met my soulmate, my husband Tom. We were so very happy.

But then in 2008 my younger brother Kevin, (who was special needs, like “Rainman”), suddenly passed. I was devastated. To help ease my pain of his loss, my Tom thought it was a good time for us to get a dog. I wasn’t so sure. But from the first second seeing that little fluffball puppy my heart melted. That’s the how and when my sweet Ziggy entered my life.

Ziggy brought so much more joy and happiness to our lives. I truly believed that my angel brother sent him to us.

Sadly, in 2014 my mother passed from Alzheimer’s Disease, and then just four short months later my Tom suddenly passed from cardiac arrest. My happy life had completely crashed.

I wanted to give up. But my Ziggy (barking and pawing) said otherwise: “I have to go out, so you MUST get up.” And so I did… for him.

I’ve always said to anyone who would listen, Ziggy really rescued me after my Tom passed. It was because of Ziggy not giving up on me that I got out of bed every day in those difficult days after. Little did my Tom know that I’d need Ziggy even more after his loss than I did for my brother. I somehow believe Kevin did though.

In the days, months after… I slowly picked up my life again with my faithful buddy Ziggy right by my side. He filled my heart with unconditional healing love, and brought back much needed joy and happiness, but mostly he gave a purpose to my life. For the next nine years we were a bonded team, and he was mostly always by my side. We both had health issues – and five surgeries between us along the way – but we got through them together.

Sadly when Ziggy’s sarcoma was diagnosed last year, with his other health issues, the long term prognosis wasn’t good. It was then I made a promise to give him the bestest “Bonus Days” possible for as long as he wasn’t in pain and was still happy. We got 227 Bonus Days.

Ziggy was such a sweet, good boy, so loving, and still so happy, right to the very end. I am so grateful for every day he was a part of my life.

I will love you, forever and always, my sweet Ziggy boy.

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