Oscar’s Legacy, by Bradley Scott

Oscar was a West Highland White Terrier from the south of England. The smallest of his litter, with a brown strip running along his back through the brightest white fur. He was so soft and gentle. From the day he chose us, he gave everything of himself, full of love and character.

During the 17 years he was with us, Oscar lived his life to the fullest. From snoozing in the garden to running along the beach in the early morning sun. Every day I would hear the pitter-patter of paws along the wooden floor before the thuds of him climbing our stairs, then eventually my bedroom door would be pushed open with his little black nose, before a running jump onto my bed, so energetic and excited for the new day ahead!

As I grew older and stronger, so did Oscar. With every step I took, he was there to help and support me, no matter how bad or hard things got. Sadly, my life was not an easy one, but being able to walk Oscar on the beach saved me over and over.

Oscar is also the reason I met the love of my life. We met through Instagram; her account is based on her dog Taps, and mine was filled with Oscar. We initially connected through our dogs but forged a love so strong that during Oscar’s final days, she flew over to support me, and we said goodbye to him together.

Now we build a future to honour Oscar and Taps. We maintain their legacy and memories. Through love and life they will never be forgotten, and I shall always be thankful for everything they have given us.

I love you, Oscar. Forever and always.

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