Our Murphy, by Sara O. and Terry E.

Murphy was a rescue dog from Homeward Bound Golden Retriever Rescue. He was surrendered by his previous owner when his child started walking. Murphy was just a couple of months shy of 10 at the time.

He was a chocolate lab with bad teeth. He used tennis balls all the time for stress. My husband and I only had him for two years and nine months.

Murphy did not like pools, but he liked a warm shower. He loved bananas and strawberries. He loved people’s food in general. He also loved car rides and we would bring him with us when we drove the other person to the airport.

Murphy developed seizures that had no cause, but they were infrequent. In September 2022 we thought he had foxtail in his nose, but it turned out to be nasal cancer. We opted to keep him comfortable and hired a hospice vet who helped us with decision-making, and this past March we helped Murphy cross the Rainbow Bridge. He had a walk and a meal that morning.

Murphy gave us unconditional love. We are still grieving.

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