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Buster Brown Laliberte-Ford


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Anthony Ford

Buster Brown Laliberte-Ford
06/04 – 03/21
“Daddy’s Little Buddy”
“Mommy’s Little Peanut”
“He’s the good boy, Buster Brown, the goodest boy I know. He’s such a silly little puppy dog, in the whole wide world, in the whole wide world, that’s you buddy, forever and ever.”
Thank-you for almost 17 years of unconditional love, see you at the Rainbow Bridge.

—Love Mommy and Daddy (Tony & Jeannette Ford), Shelby, Aaron, Sandra & The Grandmas


My Best Friend Forever & Always.
Born June 2004
Rescued us August 2004.
Sadly passed from cancer March 24, 2021.


Buster, how we miss you. You rescued us that day long ago when we saw you at the farm. The unconditional love you gave us, each and every day, in good times, and in bad times was the glue that held our family together. No matter what things life gave you, you were always a trooper, never complaining, just being you. When you had surgery fo bladder stones 7 yrs ago, mommy and I slept on the floor with you for days, so that you could be as comfortable as possible, again, never complaining. When your eyesight started to go 4 yrs ago, and the ophthalmologist gave us the devastating news that there was nothing we could do, again, you were a trooper, learning how to live life to the fullest, full of love and happiness. It was never a disability for you, you used it to teach us even more about love. Then the final blow, the day the Dr told us you had cancer, and you were entering the final stage of your time with us, oh the pain. I couldn’t breathe, my heart crumbled into a million pieces. We hoped the medicine would help ease it all, you were still ok, you were still YOU, full of love and tail wags. Then came March 23, you snuggled with Daddy in bed, all seemed good, the kisses you gave, started my day perfectly. I took you outside, all was good, then an hour later, you let out the most horrible yelp, my heart broke again. You didn’t move, and mommy and I knew that something very wrong had happened. We held you and comforted you, and you seemed to be ok again, but then I saw your belly had swelled, and we knew we had to take you to the Dr, probably for the last time. I called an emergency vet, as your regular Dr was closed, but I couldn’t bring myself to take you to someone you weren’t familiar with. I knew you were so comfortable with Dr Beggs, so mommy and I spent the night on the floor with you, holding you, cuddling you, and loving you. As the night went on, I knew deep inside, this was probably our last night together, you would jump from laying down, you began to fall over when you were sitting, walking to hide in the corner, as if you were trying to not let us see your pain. I would lay you down again, wrap you in your blanket, and try to comfort you as best I could. Mommy held you over her heart, wrapped in your favourite blanket, like she did every night before bed. We knew the time was here. I called your Dr as soon as they opened, and they dropped everything so we could bring you in, Dr Beggs was always so good with you, I knew you would feel more comfortable here. Because of Covid, we couldn’t be with you while she looked at you, for that I am so sorry, so so sorry. But I know Dr Beggs and the technologist took good care of you. The Dr called us to give us the news that it was time for you to go, we cried so much. She gave us time to make the decision we were faced with, let you go, or take you home to take time to say goodbye. We knew we could not put you through another day, I never wanted you to suffer, so we knew this was the right time to let you go and chase the squirrels at the Rainbow Bridge. She was holding you tight, wrapped in your blanket when the dr called us to come into the room with you, the tears wouldn’t stop.  They gave us time alone with you to be with you, love you and say goodbye. We held you, I sang our song to you as you quietly and peacefully slipped away from us. The Dr told us when you had gone, and I felt so empty, completely and utterly devastated, we cried with you for awhile, but we had comfort in knowing you were no longer in pain, you were now young, healthy, and could see again, chasing all those squirrels. It was the longest, quitest drive home, the beginning of the terrible journey mommy and I now must face, the healing. As I sit here thinking of our incredible, almost 17yr journey together, I cry, some for the sorrow, some for the happy memories. “Put those teeth away”, “Toes, Toes, Nose, Belly, Belly, Belly”, “Buster Bus”, “How much is that Buster in the Mirror”, “Where’s the supper Buster”, “Buster Fries”, “Snuggle Buddy”, “Mommy’s Little Peanut”, “Little Scarface Puppy”, “Get in the hole”(your favourite spot to snuggle), “Get em Buster” (chasing the windshield wipers across the dash, boy did that come back to haunt me when we had to drive through that 5hr snowstorm), your little nose poking through the railing when I came home, you sitting at the bottom of the stairs when I would leave for work, waiting for me to come back (mommy would text pictures when I got to work, it melted my heart every time), Pizza time with Aaron, the way you loved to open presents, even if they weren’t for you, even after your eyesight went. You loved presents sooooo much. The times you spent with your sister, she took such good care of you, especially once you got sick, it was so heartwarming to watch. The way Grandma Claire took care of you when she visited, she was always so gentle with you, “C’mon boy” she would say, then pick you up in the most gentle way. And 1 of my absolute favourite memories is the 2,200km “Road Trip” we took when we moved from Ontario to Manitoba, you were such a tropper, and we had 3 long days together in the car, time I wouldn’t give up for anything. So many memories from almost 17yrs of pure Buster Brown Laliberte-Ford love. Aaron, Grandma June and Sandra also loved you so much, I wish you could have spent more time with them too, but Covid, and moving 2,200km away made that almost impossible, for that I’m so sorry. And the many “Fellow Canadian Tire” family members you touched the lives of over all the years of coming to work with us everyday.  To know that you were never alone, always with mommy, me, Shelby, or Grandma Claire makes me smile. The last year you and mommy really got to spend a lot of time together since Covid forced her to work at home, and I’m glad for that, even though it meant you and I were together less, when I had to go to work. I know now that you held on as long as you could for mommy and I, again, the trooper, caring more about love, more than what pain you may have been going through, even though you never showed us you were in pain, just the kisses, and tail wags to the end. Thank-you for teaching me what unconditional love is, and opening my heart to life. You can never be replaced, but with what you taught me, I know in time I will be able to open my heart to another, and hopefully give them a good life too.

This saying is so true, Buster. You gave us your heart, and you burrowed deep into ours.

“It came to me that every time I lose a dog they take a piece of my heart with them. And every new dog who comes into my life, gifts me with a piece of their heart. If I live long enough, all the components of my heart will be dog, and I will become as generous and loving as they are.” Author unknown.

I sing your song to you every night as I look up into the night sky, hoping you hear me, and your ears perk up, and your tail wags.

“He’s the good boy, Buster Brown, the Busterest Brown (goodest boy I know, also) I know. He’s such a silly little puppy dog, in the whole wide world, …in the whole wide world. That’s you buddy.”

I hope you just heard me now, I hope your ears perked up and you are wagging your tail. Thank-you for the visit in my dream 2 weeks ago. I know you were letting me know you were ok.

Buster, please remember mommy and daddy love you forever. We will be with you at the Rainbow Bridge when the time comes, please wait for us. Goodbye for now, my little buddy. Listen for me, I will be talking to you. Forever in our hearts.

All our love,
Mommy and Daddy

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