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I have so many treasured memories of my sweet boy Fozzie. One is he loved to run like a horsey as we called it back and forth across the room when he was excited to see you come home or just because he was happy! Another is the way he loved to see the birds, especially Shennangins. He would watch and wait to go into the bird room and run over to her cage and put his little nose at the bottom and talk exicitedly to his buddy. Shennangings would come down and say hello to him every time. Some of my many favorite memories include him playing with his brothers. They would always include this adorable growl he would do while running around and getting his brothers or them getting him back as they would play wrestle. The sweetest memories include the way he cuddled with his brothers anywhere they were on a couch, in a car, or in a dog bed.


Fozzie was a loving sweet boy who loved every dog or person he would meet. He lived 14 beautiful years. He was a great brother to Einstein & Gizmo for over 11 years. He loved to play with toys with his brothers and any other doggies that he spent time with. He was quite the snuggle bug, once he got to know any person or dog he would come and lay down next to you and take a nap together. He loved to use his doggie stairs to get up on the bed or couch anytime he wanted. He was a garden dog who would go and check out every plant and watch Dad take care of things. He liked to take naps in Dad’s office and keep him company through out the work day. If he wasn’t with Dad he was always with Mom snuggling and napping. He enjoyed learning new tricks from Mom and playing with tennis balls, chew toys and stuffed babies. He even thought any stuff baby Mom got was his too. You had to watch him around those because he would sneek up and run off with it. He was a pro at catching a tennis ball in his mouth when you threw it to him. When it came to treats he would do any trick necessary as fast as he could or he would stand up and get it as fast as he could in his last couple years. When it came to food he loved to eat and would even sneak his brothers food if Mom and Dad weren’t looking. He had this sweet way of talking to his people and telling you he loved you when you were cuddling. He liked to watch out the front door as visitors left until they were gone. When he was out on walks with his brothers he loved to sniff everything and mark mailboxes and get wound up in his brothers leashes. He was good at finding any bugs in the house and alerting Mom to it to take care of it and check the same spot for days to make sure none came back in its place. He loved to be groomed and take a bath. If he saw his brother in the bath he was right there looking in and waiting for his turn and the same with being brushed. Fozzie just exuded love everyday as soon as he woke up to everyone. I will miss him coming to me and walking all over my items laying on the bed in-front of me so he could find the perfect spot to lay down and snuggle with Mom’s legs. He would even knock down the ipad Mom was using to video chat so he would show Mom’s friends his stomach, butt and head anytime he wanted. He loved to bark at any squirrel in his back yard and would get his brothers involved too. He was a cruical part in finding his brothers both in the same year. When at a doggie get together Fozzie met Einstein and immediately became best buds, then he brought Einstien (a foster) to meet Mom and the rest was history. Eintein was apart of the family. When it came to Gizmo, Fozzie feel in love with him and wanted to love on and play with him as soon as they met too. Mom wasn’t even looking to add a brother but couldn’t say no when he was offered as we all were in love with him especially Mom and Fozzie. I will miss him coming out behind the door last to greet everyone as you got home or came to visit especially in his later years.


You were a friend to everyone you meet. You were a brother, best friend, soul mate, love bug, mama’s first baby, snuggle buddy, source of joy and love to all. Your legacy is defined by the lives you’ve affected.



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