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Leslie Stager


Furman (Furmie, as her vet called her), was adopted in Sedona Az from the Humane Society there.  Her tail was short and had a ‘Y” in it and the shelter said it was a genetic flaw of Sedona cats and there weren’t many left with this marker.  She was one of a kind, for sure.  She ruled the house – even the other cats who were so sweet and kind, and Furmie really wanted to be the Alpha cat. The other adoptees tried to pay her no mind, but she also wouldn’t be ignored.  She had a LARGE personality! She travelled to New Zealand and back and lived in many households with me and outlasted longer than any husband (thus far). She was quite the cat – just so full of herself, which made her such a love.  Bossy, vocal, yelled at us when we were gone too long – we were her people and she didn’t want to be alone, just not with other animals! She endured many illnesses – diabetes twice, a growth on her liver, detached retina – that reattached.  She was amazing.  She confounded her vet and rewrote the vet proceedure book for diagnoses and prognoses.  Her vet said, “I will not give up until Furmie does because she is always pulls through.” And she always did.  We would just shake our heads.  She had 20 lives. Though, inevitably, she did say it was time to cross over.  Probably to see her sisters to terrorize them again.  

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