Rossi, by Tammy K. Fricks

Unconditional love. We all want it, and what a blessing to receive it.

December 4, 2010 was the day that I met my best friend, Rossi. This was the beginning of a life-changing relationship, full of faithfulness and true companionship.

I adopted Rossi from a local shelter, and he immediately stole my heart. He was two years old, full of energy, a little bit of mischief – and a lot of devotion.

Rossi loved playing chase. When he wanted to play, he would bark and take off running. That was our cue to join in. When he grew tired of playing, he would jump on his “base”, which was a chest with his favorite blanket on it.

Rossi also loved to go on walks. These walks introduced me to neighbors walking their dogs, over time these became treasured friendships for all of us.

I truly cherish the friendship that Rossi and I shared. He was my constant. My reason for coming home after my kids graduated. My reason to get out of bed each morning when the pandemic hit, and life was full of disappointments. Always by my side was my precious Roro, bringing joy to each day. He was my best friend and my baby all in one. He was a brother to my children and a true member of our family.

Rossi took a part of our hearts with him on May 17, 2021. We have been changed forever by the love he offered us, as well as the love he taught us. His legacy will always stand the test of time in our hearts and lives. Not a day goes by that I do not think of Rossi, and I look forward to the day when we will meet again.

Who saved who, sweet boy, who saved who?

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