Rudy, the last Schnoodle in the litter, by Karen P

Rudy was the last Schnoodle in the litter, so we were destined to be together. And it was love at first sight – but also a little gross at the beginning. He threw up on the way home – and from then on, every single time he got in a car. So, by and large Rudy became a house dog and the ruler of the roost.

Rudy was an absolute study in structure. From the very beginning he was a master at keeping us on our toes. He had a built-in clock that could rival the atomic one. He got up promptly at 6:30 am, wanted his first walk at exactly 10:00 am, dinner at 5:00 pm and his evening walk at at 7:00 pm. Bedtime was promptly at 10:00 pm.

But, oh what problems we had during regular time changes! The human clock made the biannual adjustments, but the “Rudy clock” did not, which caused major frustrations on both sides. He would listen attentively as I tried to explain daylight savings time, and then would get us up at exactly 5:30 am. He made similar demands for feeding and walking.

But what we wouldn’t give for another day of the regiment. Rudy was 14 when he passed and not a day goes by that we don’t feel the hole that he has left – made more noticeable because the specific times of the day are so empty.

For 14 years Rudy was our morning alarm, our exercise trainer, and our sleep monitor. And also the most dedicated loving companion imaginable.

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