Smokey, My Feline Soulmate, by Donald Powers

Smokey was a Maine Coon cat who became a blessing in my life on December 6th, 2009.

Smokey was a kitten tossed into a dry creek bed near our house. Children brought him to our house because we did cat rescues.

At first, I said no because we had too many rescues, but when Smokey was handed to me there was an instant connection.

Smokey just stood out as he clung to my shirt and rubbed up against my face as I looked into his green eyes. I immediately wanted to care for him. As years passed, he was like my shadow following me everywhere I went in our house.

My wife said that Smokey’s personality matched mine as we grew closer each year.

Smokey would always be waiting for me at the kitchen door when I came home from work. He would lay between my legs and watch television with me.

I spoiled Smokey with ice cubes in his water bowl and fed cat food to him on a Flintstones platter. And I spoiled him with cat treats without my wife’s knowledge.

Smokey could make me smile when I was sad and feel better when I was ill – just by lying next to me with his paws hugging my arm.

In late 2021, Smokey became diabetic and was diagnosed with congenital heart disease.

On October 29th, 2022, he crawled up in my lap, let out a soft cry and his eyes told me it was time to let him be at peace.

I gave the veterinarian permission to let Smokey be at free of pain and at peace. I kissed his forehead, and he licked my hand before we said goodbye.

Smokey taught me that you should never take for granted the love and companionship given from a person or pet. And you should cherish every second you have when you are blessed by that gift.

Smokey, I’ll always miss you and love you. I look forward to the day we can take sunny walks in the cool breeze when we are reunited in Heaven.

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