Sweet Deja, by Nicole Klein

Deja, Sweet Deja. You were the silliest little Yorkie bean. I loved your little quirks and idiosyncrasies. If I had to pick one to immortalize, it’d have to be that funny little thing you did whenever my mother and I would politely ask you to go into your crate.

I know you weren’t a fan of the place, but we tried to make it homey. We added a soft dog bed, your favorite toys – you name it. You still hated it though.

How you expressed that hatred was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Whenever it was time for the hoomans to leave the house, you tried to distract us. You hid your little body in one of your favorite places and when we found you, you tried to stun us with your cuteness. You went belly up, inviting us to pause and rub you. It was as if you were saying: “Please don’t leave me in there. I’m too cute for the crate!”

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