Blues Clues, by Jo Cordova

Boozer, 2006-2021

Long ago in 2006 there was a chihuahua in a small desert town in California. His mom called him Boozer.

He had many nicknames like Blues Clues, Boozie Pants and Monkey. He was chocolate colored with big eyes and ears, the cutest little doggy I’ve ever seen. Boozer and his mom became inseparable and we were always together – we never spent a night apart.

Boozer was a hero as he grew up into a small, yet not-afraid-of-anything kinda dog. There was a time in New Mexico where he barked and barked in the middle of the night. His mom woke up to see what he was barking at and looked out the window and saw a big grass fire behind the house, so she grabbed him and her shoes and went to warn the neighbors. Once that was done, everyone helped put out the fire. But if it wasn’t for Boozer, who knows how that story could have ended?

There were many other times that little doggy saved me and others from a potential bad situation. He made me so proud.

Boozer traveled to many different states and met so many people, he even went to Mount Rushmore. But his all-time favorite place was Venice beach, California. He enjoyed people watching and looking out to the water.

Boozer was a total of six pounds of cuteness, but he was born with bad genes when it came to his health. When he was only a couple years old, he had parvovirus, and he had a bad heart from an early age. When he got to around 10 it started to affect him very much, and even though he was still a spunky little Booze, it took a toll on his body. In 2021 his health declined very fast and the last month of his life he was on oxygen 24/7.

He was at home when the doctor came over to put him to rest, but please believe that Boozer fought all the way to the end of his journey here on earth.

Boozer, mommy misses you every second of every day and cannot wait to hold you once again. I’ll see you at the Rainbow Bridge. I love you my big boy.

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