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A Special Place for Charlee: A Child’s Companion Through Pet Loss

 Author: Debby Morehead  Category: Children, Guide, Pet Loss & Bereavement  Publisher: Partners in Pub Llc  : July 1, 1996  Language: English

Gr. 3-6, younger for reading aloud. Floppy-eared Charlee (feminine for Charlie) was already part of the family when narrator Mark was born. Boy and pup grew up together and were best friends and playmates. Years later, when Charlee needed to be euthanized because of heart failure, the entire family mourned the dog’s death. Charlee’s vet encouraged Mark to share his feelings of sadness and grief with those he loved. In fact, Mark’s family set aside a special time to sit together in the backyard and remember Charlee. They made a scrapbook to collect their memories and planted a flowering bush near Charlee’s favorite backyard spot. Yet Mark’s sadness lingered until, finally, time and an understanding neighbor helped heal his pain. This simply told story is right on the mark in legitimizing a family’s, and particularly a child’s, grief over the loss of a pet. Its sound counsel and suggestions for coping are gently incorporated into the straightforward story line, and understated black-and-white drawings eloquently reflect the characters’ emotions. Ellen Mandel


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