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Bill at Rainbow Bridge

 Author: Dan Carrison  Category: All Ages, Dog Lovers, Pet Loss & Bereavement  Publisher: Modern Family Classics Publishing  : January 1, 2010  Language: English

The owners of departed pets want to know: that their pets are happy, that their own grief is normal, that they will be reunited with their pets one day, and that it’s OK to love again. Bill at Rainbow Bridge– written for all who have ever been blessed by the unconditional love of a pet– fulfills these wishes. This heart warming, poignant and profound story takes place at Rainbow Bridge–where departed pets play and romp, as they await their owners, at the threshold of the afterlife. Closer to home, a grief-stricken man tries to cope with the loss of his beloved English Bulldog, Bill. The delightful characters at Rainbow Bridge include Bill the Bulldog, Annie the Tabby cat, and Willow the female Pug. The human characters are no less intriguing: David, Bill’s heart-broken owner; Greg Baxter, a psychologist active in Animal Rescue, and Elizabeth Browning, the guiding light behind a therapy group for the owners of departed pets. Bill at Rainbow Bridge is a modern family classic, written for all who love animals, and illustrated by the renowned artist Peg DuVal. This heart warming story will fill you with hope–and will make you “cry for happy.” It also makes the perfect gift for the pet-lover in your life.


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