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For Every Cat an Angel

 Author: Christine Davis  Category: All Ages, Cat Lovers, Children, Illustrated, Pet Loss & Bereavement, Spiritual  Publisher: Lighthearted Press  : 02 Apr, 2001  Language: English

For Every Cat An Angel celebrates the timeless connection between people and their “forever cats.” From the moment a kitten is born, the book tells us, a guardian angel is there to welcome the kitten into the world and let the kitty know how much it is loved. Kittens have the enchanting gift of captivating all who come in contact with them…even guardian angels! If an angel knows someone special is waiting for her cat she sends the kitty through the starry skies until it arrives at the place it is meant to be. And the angel knows her cat has found its forever person and nothing – not even time nor space – will ever separate them. Filled with colorful illustrations, this charming little book will delight cat lovers young and old and bring comfort to anyone who has had to say goodbye to a beloved cat companion.


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