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Healing A Child’s Pet Loss Grief: A Guide for Parents

 Author: Wendy Van de Poll  Category: Adult, Children, Family, Guide, Pet Loss & Bereavement  Publisher: Center for Pet Loss Grief, LLC  : 01 Nov, 2016  Language: English

Is your child suffering from the loss of their pet and you want to know how to help them? Discover a step-by-step guide to navigating the emotional journey of your child and family when losing a beloved pet.

Are you struggling to help your child during their journey of pet loss grief? Are you worried how your family will handle the loss of their faithful furry pal? Do you feel unprepared to manage your child’s emotions? International bestselling author Wendy Van de Poll is the founder of the Center for Pet Loss Grief and has over twenty years of bereavement coaching experience. Now she’s here to reassure you that your child’s grieving is a normal reaction and to share valuable coping skills for this difficult time.

Healing a Child’s Pet Loss Grief: A Guide for Parents is a sensitive and practical manual for getting in touch with your own grief and then be able to support your child with love, compassion, and honesty. In-depth case studies teach tips on achieving stability, while thought-provoking questions aid you in successfully helping your child with the stages of grief.

In Healing a Child’s Pet Loss Grief: A Guide for Parents , you’ll discover:

  • Guidelines for supporting your child
  • Ways to recognize your child is grieving
  • How to recognize the myths about how children grieve
  • Creative ways to celebrate the life of your child’s pet
  • Purposeful memories to create and much, much more!

Healing a Child’s Pet Loss Grief: A Guide for Parents will help you create a healthy experience surrounding pet loss for your child and family. If you need a holding hand, a clear plan of action, and “Tidbits of Wisdom” on how to make the most of this bittersweet time, then you’ll be grateful for Wendy Van de Poll’s sympathetic guide to treasuring your child’s grief and supporting them with their pet loss journey.


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