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Pet Loss: A Spiritual Guide

 Author: Julia Harris  Category: All Ages, Pet Loss & Bereavement, Spiritual  Publisher: Independently published  : 31 Aug, 2019  Language: English

Millions of households include animal companions. While it is absolutely normal and healthy to mourn a deceased pet, the grieving process can be crippling emotionally, mentally, and even physically. This insightful book will help you understand and cope with the many emotional reactions and responses in the grieving process, and guide your child through the emotional pain. There’s a chapter dedicated to coping through the trauma of a terminally ill or lost pet. You’ll learn about pet cemetery burial, cremation, and home burial. You will find comfort in understanding how different spiritual belief systems recognize and counsel pet loss. Use the spiritual rituals provided to honor your animal companion or get ideas to create your own ceremony. There’s also a section explaining how to use meditation as a tool to heal grief. Readers will learn the psychological facts about the human and animal bond, and how to deal with the initial shock of their loss, as well as the anger, guilt, and sadness they may feel. Extremely practical, Pet Loss also offers the gift of understanding for those who may feel they are alone in their sorrow.


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