Creating Your Own Memorial

Healing Your Heart

Creating a memorial to honor your pet can help you on your journey to healing your heart. We have made it easy to create your own memorial and you can come back any time and update it. You may want to share more treasured memories, thoughts and feelings or add more photos.

Your pet memorial is a deeply personal and intimate expression of your desire to honor a companion animal who made an impact in your life. We have lovingly created the process for you with this in mind.

We will now show you how to add your pet to the Pet Memorials.

Joining the APLB

Begin by becoming a member of our APLB family. Your membership helps us continue to offer a safe and loving place to come where you and others grieving their pets will always be welcomed with open arms.

There are two membership levels that let you create a memorial:

Silver Membership

At the Silver level you can create and maintain one pet memorial.

Platinum Membership

At the Platinum level you can create as many pet profiles and memorials as you wish. This is what we call your ‘Pet Family’.

Your Room is Ready

Once you are a member of the APLB family you will have your own ‘room’ in the APLB house. This room is the first page that loads for you when you log in and is known as your ‘Profile Page’. From here you can start creating your memorial right away.

* Tip – Please visit the ‘Getting Started’ link above your Profile Page to get the most out of your new room. 

Making Your First Memorial

On your profile page click on the large button called ‘Add a Pet’.

On the next page, take your time and fill in each section as you wish.
Be sure to add a photo as well!
* Tip – you can come back anytime and add to or edit your memorial

For creating a memorial that will be part of our Pet Memorials wall, please indicate that the pet you are adding has died and also the date of their death.

Lastly, click the ‘Save Profile Changes’ button and your memorial will be complete.

A Place in Your Heart and Ours

Once you’ve created your memorial using the steps above, your pet will automatically receive a place of honor on our Pet Memorials wall.

Every year on the date you indicated your pet passed, we will light their candle for 30 days in honor of their memory. 

We hope that you will add your memorial and share with the world the special animal that keeps a place in your heart.


Your APLB Family

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