Lars’ story, by Glen Canning

Just over three years ago, three lives changed.

I was arranging to adopt a young male dog from Ukraine who was disabled after being attacked. Just before he was to travel to me the Covid virus started, borders closed, and all transport was halted. For a few months I received regular updates from the rescue, and then one night I heard he had passed away suddenly.

I vowed that I would adopt a disabled soul in his memory. A few weeks later I saw a short video – a blind dog had been found wandering and had been picked up by a shelter. This was the first time I saw Lars.

No one knew his background. When he came to me Lars was scared and very aggressive. It was three months before he decided I was not a threat and came to me and nudged my hand! After that we were a pair. He started to enjoy being cuddled.

We went for walks twice a day, learning from one another. Me, how to guide him, and him, how to rely on me to help him get around.

Lars learned fast. We went for walks at a nearby riverbed and some people didn’t realize he was blind when they stopped to talk to him. Lars never liked anyone else to touch him, he did have a friend in a nearby pet store that he liked, but other than that, he didn’t trust anyone.

Nearly three years went by, with me devoted to Lars, caring and making sure he was loved and happy. Then one awful morning I found him bleeding from his nose. I rushed him to the vet, where he collapsed just after we arrived. I was told it was possibly cancer or a tumour.

I had no choice but to set him free. He passed in January 2023, but he passed with his friend holding him and talking to him – not alone, not unwanted, but loved and cared for.

If anyone is thinking of adopting a blind dog, do it. You might have to make a few changes but it is so worth it. Lars went from a scared and very nervous dog to one who was confident, happy and loving life.

I will always miss my lordship. He was such a happy and bossy dog who knew he was cared for and highly loved.

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