My beautiful little Sara, by Viðar Gunnarsson

Sara rushed to the door – someone was outside. Foolishly I opened the door. Sara ran out and immediately I heard growling and barking. A big dog was outside and fighting with Sara. Sara was only a seven kilogram Chihuahua mix, and this dog was much bigger and stronger than her.

The dogs were under a car when I heard a horrible scream from Sara. The dog had bitten her. I flew down the stairs and under the car. I had to punch the big dog on the nose – with a power I did not know I had, I could open the big dog´s jaws with both my hands. Sara was free but bloody and shaking hard. The dog ran away but Sara had gone inside and was in a state of shock.

My son-in-law drove me as fast as he could while I held my little Sara, all covered in blood and dirt and trembling. I was in tears, terrifed to lose Sara, only four years old. But miraculously she made it. She recovered but she was always wary of other dogs after that. And she changed after that experience, becoming calmer and more grown up.

The invisble string, this unconditional love, grew so much and we became inseparable. I had made the mistake of opening the door, but I saved her life and I swore always to protect her and guard her. And I never had to have Sara on leash again, she trusted me completely and always stayed close by my side.

Sara died last year. She was almost 16 years old. She had lived a wonderful life, full of adventures with us, hiking in the mountains and traveling with us around the country. She went with us everywhere.

Sara was our fur baby, our companion and one of the family. She was the princess – in our car she had five cushions under her so she could see out the windows. She had the best of everything and was the sweetest, most loveliest dog ever.

Losing Sara is my biggest loss and I miss her every day and will for the rest of my life. But the 16 years I had her were the happiest years of my life. I´m gratetful to have had her this long and to know the uncondisional love that dogs have and this unique animal/human bond.

My beautiful Sara, I will always have your love in my heart. I know that you are with me every day and that we will meet again.

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