Bowie and Kali

Bowie and Kali

The day I brought Bowie back from his amputation and he stood up.

The first day Kali actually wagged her tail and came to snuggle on her own.


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Bowie and Kali were 2 of 3 puppies that were surrendered to the animal shelter I volunteer at as “feral.” They were roughly 2 months old and terrified.

Bowie (previously known as White Paw) had a broken leg noone mentioned that later had to be amputated.

Kali, the only girl, (formerly known as Brownie) would poo and pee on you if you tried to come near her and then run away and hide. 

After you foster for 3 months you are supposed to return the animals or adopt. One of the pups did get adopted but noone really wanted a “special needs” pet and I couldn’t just leave them in the shelter to spend their days terrified before they were eventually euthanized so…

They are now my 2nd and 3rd foster failures 🙂


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