Bucky aka Buck Wild

Bucky aka Buck Wild


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Bucky lived an incredible life with lots of love, a fabulous collection of toys of which his favorite were his banana, robot, and bunny. He also had a sweater for every day of the week. He was known around town for his bow ties. He was born a chihuahua with handicapped back legs, the product of a puppy mill ending up in a shelter deeming him unadoptable. Wise people knew better. Seeing his potential, he was taken in by Rescue Every Dog of Poulsbo, WA where he was loved, socialized and taught how to be his best self. This is where we found him. Nine years ago, we were volunteering and Bucky came over one night for a play date with our pups and never went back! He had many brothers and sisters both human and four-legged. There was not a person alive that met him that didn’t love him. He always knew who needed comfort and would give it freely without hesitation. His favorite place to eat on the outdoor patio was The Cup in Port Townsend, WA where he was loved on and spoiled by Aunt Rhonda. He was cared for and loved by all the staff at Hadlock Veterinary Clinic from the first time Rescue Every Dog brought him in to his last breath with so many staff members coming in to tell him they loved him at the end. He lived his life like a puppy every single day up until he no longer could. He passed peacefully in our arms in his favorite red sweater wrapped in his favorite puppy paw blanket. We will love him always and miss him forever. We know his brother Papi met him at the rainbow bridge along with all the rest of our puppies, kitties and farm animals that were there.


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