Samson was my furr son. I loved him with everything that I have and he was my perfect little boy from 6 weeks old when I brought him home until 13 years and almost 7 months later when I had to say good bye.  He will be missed so badly by both his Daddy and Mommy. The pain of losing him is so excrutiating, there are times I can hardly breathe. 


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Sherry Butkay


Samson was born on 06/25/2008 and we brought him home when he was 6 weeks old.  He was a tiny 1 pound ball of black furr and fully of energy from day one.  From getting the zoomies and running all over while barking and growling at the same time to randomly barking at a treat or food before eating it, he was a bundle of joy for us.  He was super smart, before he was a year old, I tought Samson to smile, roll over, shake and sit.  He was extremely smart from a young age.  He never had accidents in the house and always was super excited to see us when we’d come home from being gone on the few occasions we could not take him with us.  He basically went everywhere with us though, he flew all over Texas, to Colorado, Montana and drove various places with us for weekend trips.  There wasn’t a vehicle Samson didn’t like riding in.  He loved hanging his little head out and letting the wind blow his fluffly ears.  

Samson was simply the best furrbaby and furrson ever!  I may come back and add more later but this is still so fresh that my emotions are all over the place.  I miss him SO very much. 


Samson Butkay
Forever Mommy & Daddy’s Best Boy
06/25/2008 – 01/24/2022

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