Photographer creates network for those seeking end-of-life photos for their pets

By Bo Evans |

It’s not easy watching loved ones get old.

“We don’t know if she’ll be here another day, another year,” said Mary Beth Thompson.

Thompson’s 12-year-old dog Wren is in her final days.

“Very sweet, and she’s funny, the way she used to chase me,” said Thompson.

Wren is a cancer survivor and she’s losing some mobility in her hind legs.

“I just feel like, oh, when did she get old? We’ll love her until she doesn’t want to be here anymore,” said Thompson.

The family invited Lauren Smith Kennedy to help them create a special memory of Wren.

“End-of-life pet photography is just what it sounds like. So it’s either photographing senior animals that are at the end stages of their lives or companion animals that have a terminal illness,” said Kennedy.

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