Sparkles was special, by Bernard Dallio

I was ALWAYS a dog person. Until one day a cat came and sat outside on our patio, then sat by the door. My wife and daughter opened the door and asked him if he wanted to come in. So Sparkles came into the house and into our lives. When I came home from work, I asked why there was a cat in the house. My wife explained what had happened.

The first couple of nights Sparkles was with us, we kept him in a carrier. He would go outside and every time we called him he would come home. Sometimes I’d go by the green belt and call for him – he’d meow, then he’d lead me home. Another time when he was in front of the house, there was a construction worker nearby. I called Sparkles and he came home. The construction worker was shocked and said: “Wow.”

Every time we’d come home, we’d hear a thump, thump from upstairs and Sparkles would greet us with a big meow.

Sparkles had a lump on his back leg. In time it grew, and the veterinarian said Sparkles was hurting and told us he had to be euthanized.

We gave Sparkles the best life he could imagine and he let us know. He responded to all our conversations, and he understood what we were saying.

Sparkles is now buried in a pet cemetery with another one of our pets, Princess, a dog. The headstone has pictures of them both. The headstone says: “In our hearts forever.”

Sparkles was always by my side. RIP Sparkles, you are dearly missed.

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