Sweet Chloe, by Melanie B.

What do you do when your husband tapes pictures of an adorable miniature dachshund puppy all over the kitchen … a puppy that’s just waiting for someone to love her? You go and get her! At 10 weeks old and two pounds, we wondered if this little sweetheart would ever grow! Well, we decided to name her Chloe which means “blooming”, and Chloe blossomed into a sweet, sassy little pup who made us laugh every day. However, we also thought her middle name should have been “Determination” because she had a strong will which shone through in so many ways.

When she was young Chloe had spinal surgery and defied the odds by making a full recovery. When my husband was diagnosed with cancer she made sure everyone knew her job was to protect and comfort him throughout his treatment by sitting on his lap and glaring at anyone who dared to come near. And when she was diagnosed with kidney disease at 13, her will shone through in her ability to rally and fight her illness with strength and valor for two years until it just became too difficult for her tiny seven pound body to continue.

In a petite body with short little legs, Chloe was the epitome of strength. She elicited the final smile from her daddy’s face the day before he died by sweetly kissing him. She allowed me to shed tears in her fur and hold her tightly through many sleepless nights as I grieved for him, even as she mourned him as well. She taught my grandson the beauty of the human/animal bond and how much sheer fun it is to have a loving dog as a best friend. She showed all of us what a strong will to live and make others happy looks like, and she gave the best kisses – asking for nothing more in return than a belly rub in the sunshine.

And finally, she instilled in me a deep respect as she fought her disease, lived in the moment, and never stopped loving her family. Sweet Chloe, I wish I had found a magic wand to make your last two years never happen, but know you will continue to bloom and shine in my heart. I will miss you forever.

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