Sweet Teddy, by Rosie Alleva

Teddy came to me on May 26, 2022. He was a Siberian Husky who had lived his entire 15 years with a “loving” family until they decided they were done with him. They sent him off to be rehomed through a senior dog haven and hospice.

From the moment I saw Teddy, I was in love. I’d look into his eyes and see the questions he must have had. Where did “his people” go? What had he done to make them send him away? He had only known one home for 15 years.

It didn’t matter once he came to me. He was my sweet Teddy for almost a year.

When Teddy first came to me, despite his heartache he was jaunty. We would walk up and down the driveway easily. Eventually this was no longer possible for him and we curtailed our outside time to the back yard. I had never had such a big boy with all that amazing fur. When I put my arms around him, it was like falling into a vat of cotton candy.

Every day Teddy broke my heart with his sweetness. He was gentle and loving. He was mine and I told him I loved him many times a day. I thank God that He led me to Teddy. He no longer had to wonder where he belonged, and we had almost a year together.

On April 10, 2023, I had to let my sweet Teddy cross over the Rainbow Bridge and return to God. I have sent many pets over and each one took a part of my heart. It’s never easy but this one took part of my soul, too.

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