To my darling Cy, by Crystal Faith

I remember the first day we chose each other. I walked into this little grooming building in Leesville that had a sign posted: “Kittens available”. I had been looking for the right kitten for a long time. I was an adult now, living in my own and I wanted my first cat. I had never owned or even been around cats growing up. Daddy preferred dogs, considering his occupation. I always heard people talk about how moody cats were and how they only like people on their own terms.

Well, when I walked into that groomer’s building, there you were. All alone in a little cage. Dogs barking around you, people shuffling around. I reached in, picked you up and you melted in my arms, and laid out in my lap. Unmoved by the chaos around us. I was sold. We were soulmates.

In your early years, you would make the weekend commute home to mom and dad’s and be completely fine hanging out in my room for the weekend. We would get back to my apartment and we’d play fetch. You loved it! We would end a long day with you on my lap getting some full body brushing. Sometimes we’d play with the laser pointer. You’d come over and paw at it for me to pick it up. You were so patient with me and taught me more about the real personality of a cat than I think most people even know exists. You learned to sit for treats.

Eventually I felt you needed a companion because I was working long hours. I figured a male would be a good pick – little did I know, cats take a little bit longer to coexist. Nonetheless, you and your brother grew your own “love/hate” bond. He loved you and you “hated” him! Except when nobody was looking. In the wee hours of the morning, as I cracked open your breakfast, I saw the way you’d clean his ears, until you saw me noticing.

I’ll miss my sweet baby angel girl. I’ll miss the heaviness of you in my lap. I’ll miss seeing you rush from the window to the door when I come home. I’ll miss your alligator rolls at 3 am to get me up so you can have a snack. I’ll miss your little human-like lips. I’ll miss your bird chirps when you search for me in the house.

I’ll miss you. I already do. My soul deeply misses you, Byrd.

I’m so sorry your last days were filled with chaos. Had I known, I would have made you more comfortable. Your life made a full circle. Our journey started with you melting in my arms, stretched out in my lap with chaos around us…. And it ended the same, with you stretched out in my lap in the midst of chaos – until you took your last breath.

I hope you clean your brother’s ears while nobody is looking. Keep each other company until we meet again.

Love, Mom

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