Mario Bernard

Mario Bernard

My sweet, handsome Mario Bernard


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Janice Provetti


Mario was the first dog I have every had.  I was always a cat person in the past, and I have loved all of them dearly.

Mario was named fully after my father, who passed in 1992.  He was a short, stocky italian guy who looked like a bulldog.  For years I said that one day I will have a bulldog and name him Mario.  I finally made my dream come true in 2013.

As I was only accostumed to cats, I didn’t realize the difference in the level of care, and devotion that comes with a dog. 

Mario was my entire life.  I often said that I couldn’t love him more even if he came out of me.  He was sweet, and loving, and just the best being I have ever had the honor of being with.

Although he was almost 10 years old when he died, he died unexpectantly, and 6 months after I lost my other bulldog Norman, who was my baby.  I will share his story on his page.

I am lost.  I am shattered.  I am devastated.


Mario Bernard Provetti, my sweet, handsome boy. Mommy will love you forever.

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